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Pyramidion is a Seattle based technology and import/export company. Their operations are located on Harbor Island and they have a corporate office building in downtown Seattle. It is owned by the McCurdy family and is currently the 11th largest corporation in the world.


Originally founded in 1898 as the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company. For 60 years The company was engaged in construction projects around the United States and built ships for the U.S. Navy. In 1959 the president of Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, Horace McCurdy, sold the company to Lockheed. Lockheed used the facility primarily for ship building until eventually closing it in 1988. In 1990 Horace McCurdy’s son, James McCurdy, used a small portion of his inheritance to purchase Harbor Island for a fraction of what the McCurdy family sold it for. James McCurdy reestablished the company as Pyramidion and invested the remainder of his inheritance into the development and import/export of advanced technology.

Pyrimaidion saw growth and success in the decades to follow and became the largest Seattle based import/export company. Eventually the company smothered all of its competition in the region and took over all import/export operations out of Seattle. Although the company still develops new technology, this only accounts for about 20% of its generated income. After the fall of the United States of America in the late 2010’s and the formation of the United Canadian and American States in 2030, Seattle became the only city owned by the UCAS with access to the Pacific Ocean. From that point on all UCAS to Asia import/export activities went through Seattle, and through Pyramidion. The company exploded to become the corporate superpower it is today.

Public Relations

Pyrimidion has a very good image in the public eye. They consistently donate money to various charities and are also very active in a variety of community-improvement programs. Recently, they’ve even offered some of their private security force to the city of Seattle to help patrol the streets and reduce crime. Most people in Seattle see the company as one that cares about the city and it’s people.


A few years back a former Pyramidion employee went public with some data linking the company to illegal biological agent production. During the investigation it was discovered that he had accepted a large sum of money from one of Pyramidion’s competitors Extech, though he denies any such arrangement ever existed. A thorough inspection of Pyramidion’s facilities concluded that no such activities were present. The plaintiff was jailed for perjury and the company that paid him was heavily fined. Pyramidion was acquitted of all charges.


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